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WRATT, as a partner of the Alabama E3 Workforce Development Component, is pleased to present you the opportunity of enhancing the knowledge and skills of your employees and managers in such areas as energy efficiency and waste reduction through a free training and education program.  We understand that efficient processes and decreasing utility bills are necessary for your company’s growth and profitability.  This is why we requested and received funding from the U.S. Department of Labor’s State Energy Sector Partnership program and can now offer you this free training and education.  Course descriptions and a link to our training schedule are below.  To pre-register employees for one of these training sessions, click on that training session link and fill out the online form.  Then click submit.  A representative from WRATT will contact you with further details.




Course Length: 4 Hours

Targeted Attendees:

All Levels

This course is designed to incorporate the topics of Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, and Waste Reduction on a broad level into one 4-hour course.

·      Energy Efficiency is a fundamental factor in operating an effective organization.  WRATT instructors will assist attendees in finding ways to reduce energy usage in their work areas and in their daily tasks.  Topics will include lighting, building envelopes, HVAC, and manufacturing and office equipment.

·      Reducing waste saves resources as well as reducing costs to the company.  WRATT will assist companies in gaining an understanding of their waste streams and developing a waste stream protocol that provides the company with waste reduction methods.  This topic will include application of the 4Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

·      Water Conservation is a simple approach to decreasing energy costs from both water usage and water heating aspects.  WRATT instructors will work with employees from all departments to educate them on ways of reducing water usage and increasing awareness of the importance of reporting leaks or malfunctioning equipment immediately in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Water usage topics will include general areas such as the break rooms and restrooms and more specific aspects of water usage in the manufacturing process.



Course Length: 4 Hours

Targeted Attendees: Management Level

This course is designed for management level employees to introduce the topics of air quality, noise levels, and equipment life cycling into a 4-hour course. 

·      Environmental factors such as noise levels and indoor air quality can affect an employee’s job performance.  WRATT will incorporate an open discussion regarding a facility’s indoor air quality and noise level issues and educate management on identifying and correcting issues in the facility that impact the employees’ work environment.

·      Using the Life Cycle approach provides companies with the opportunity to make informed purchasing decisions.  Energy costs are a substantial factor in making purchasing decisions.  WRATT will teach management to include these ever-increasing costs in their life cycling calculations in order to choose the most cost effective equipment for the long term.   


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